Skills Requirement for a Finishing Checker

The primary responsibility of a finishing checker is to inspect garments for any types of faults. A checker determines whether or not the proper labels, such as the care label, the brand label, and the size label, are placed in the appropriate location. Finishing checkers inspect clothing to identify defective garments in the given lot and send the faulty garments to the sewing section for repair.

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An ideal final garments item checker should have deep knowledge of defects and some rules. In the following, I have discussed this in detail.

Should have the ability to understand the work requirements. A checker should have the ability to make sense and follow the finishing production leader and buyer requirements,

Must have an apparent knowledge of defects that occur in the finishing section
Ability to read the finishing and inspection sheet.
Should know defect type, source, and possible solution of defects
Checkers must not be color blind.
Checker must know whether a garment should be accepted for alteration or rejected for alteration depending on the severity of faults.
If the quality system requires that checkers fill out a garment checking format, the checkers should be able to fill out the format according to the instructions.

Having all of these talents is beneficial, but that does not imply that a checker must be familiar with or possess these abilities when hired. It is essential to consider the fundamental needs and whether extra skills may be acquired through training when recruiting checkers.

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