What is AQL? How to Read and Use AQL Chart?

Before receiving garments from the factory, the buyer does a final inspection of the finished goods. As garments quantity is high, it is not possible to inspect all garments items. So for that inspection is done on the basis of sampling by a standard procedure. AQL is considered as the standard inspection procedure tool for the final acceptance of finished goods. It is will article we will learn details about AQL.

Definition of AQL 
AQL stands for Acceptable Quality Level. It is the maximum number of allowable defective items, beyond which a batch is rejected during the inspection.

It also can be defined as the maximum allowable percentage of defective items, beyond which a batch is rejected during the inspection.

For Example, AQL is 2% for a lot means, maximum 2% defective items are allowed to accept this lot like a good quality.

AQL Table
The inspection procedure is done by following an AQL table. This is developed and used by the American Military. Now this table is widely used to inspection in the production industry to accept/reject the lot/batch.
AQL table holds the lot or batch size, sampling size code, sampling size and value of the acceptable quality level for different lot or batch.

An AQL table is given follow for the final shipment inspection procedure. The AQL level can vary from buyer to buyer and product to product.

AQL,Acceptable Quality Level,DHU,Defects,batch,lot

How to Read the AQL table?
The reading procedure of AQL table is describe below.

Lot Size or Batch size
This value range means how many items is going to be checked or inspected. Say for example if you offer 750 pieces garments to inspect, the lot or batch size for this quantity will be 501 – 1200 (Code – K).

Sample size Code
The code represents the range of batch size. Say for example Code – “K” means the lot size is the range of 1201 - 3200

Sample size
It is the number of items will picked up for the final inspection from the offered batch.

Ac (Accepted)
This is the maximum number of defective items up to that batch will be accepted to shipment.

Re (Rejected)
This is the minimum number of defective items from that batch will be rejected to shipment.

The value 2.5, 4 and 6.5 represents AQL system by which the inspection will be done. This value is pre-contacted with buyer and supplier before place an order.

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