Step by Step Procedure of Finishing Department in Garment Industry

Garments finishing is the last stage of garments production. All produced garments are rechecked, remove the thread, doing the ironing, packing, and final inspection are mainly done in this section. All the activities are discussed in this article.

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This article discusses the most essential functions of the finishing department. Keep in mind that these functions may vary depending on which product categories are finished. The activities of the finishing department are listed in the next section.

Receiving garments

After sewing, all garments are sent to the finishing section. The finishing supervisor received the garments by counting to match the final delivery estimated.

Trimming Uncut Thread & Removing all Flying Materials

There is a lack of neatness in the trimming of thread trails and thread loops in the sewing sector. Helpers in the finishing area remove uncut threads and thread tails from clothes that have not been cut yet. Uncut and stray threads on clothes are regarded as manufacturing flaws.

After trimming the thread, the garments are proceeded by a sucker machine. All fly thread and materials are sucked by a sucker machine that gives a neat garment.

Garments Quality Check

Visual and measurement inspections are performed on all clothes throughout the final production stage. Finishing inspectors check the entire garment from the inside,outside and from both sides. Checks are made for garment details such as the main fabric, size and care labeling, and measurements taken in accordance with customer instructions, among other things.

Trim Attachment

Some garments items have the button, snap buttons, eyelets. These are attached in the finishing section.

Removing Spot & Stains:

Some garments items are instructed to wash in that stage spot and stain is removed. But most garments have no wash then hand spot gun, or by using a stain removing machine, spots are removed.

Repair Defects

All defects found in finishing checking are sent to the repair area. In some factories with no repair area, the garments are sent to sewing sections to repair alteration.


Garments are ironed using a steam iron. This is done to remove creases in the garment. For knitted garments, measurements are set by the steam press. Vacuum pressing tables are used for garment pressing.

Folding and tagging:

Clothes that have been ironed or pressed are folded to a specific size. The use of a kimble gun or threads is used to attach tags to garments, such as size tags, price tags and hang tags etc.

Packing garments:

After attaching tags and stickers, folded garments are packed. Garments are packed as per buyer requirements.

Preparation of packing list:

As per buyer or merchant requirements, the finishing responsible prepares a packing list for the shipment. It is essential to ship garments.

Self-Audit by Finishing Department

Before transferring the garments to the finishing department for final inspection, the Quality Department conducts an internal shipping inspection in that department.

Report preparation

Report for all subsections is maintained by finishing department as like other departments.

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