Main Activities in Garments Finishing Section

Finishing is the final stage of a garment's production before it is ready for sale. A proper finishing process can increase the quality of clothing while also ensuring that orders are shipped on time. The garment finishing section follows the particular process flow chart as the other sections of garment production, which has been detailed in this article.

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Main Activities in Garments Finishing

There are five significant Functions of garments finish are as follows-

Needle Detecting

1. Garments Washing

All garments items have no wash after receiving garments from the sewing section. The items these have wash only need to wash them. In this case, buyer comments are followed to do the specific type of wash.

2. Garments Checking

If garments have no-wash, they directly go to the initial quality check. If have wash, then garments go to quality check after wash.

Quality inspectors begin checking clothing to see if the stitching is done correctly or if there are any spots on the fabric. Chemicals are used to eliminate any spots, and the garment is returned to the sewing department if there is a severe stitching issue.

3. Garments Pressing:

When the initial check is done, garments items are sent to the pressing or ironing section. Buyer comments are strictly followed during the pressing.

Garments Ironing

4. Needle Detection:

After initial quality check or pressing all garments items are sent through the needle detection machine to ensure that any garments item does not hold any metallic substance. It is very much crucial before packaging and shipment of garments.

5. Garments Packing:

The final function is packing. The quality assurance team checks the measurements of the garment to see if they are correct or incorrect, so that they can be confident that the clothes will pass final inspection. Following the measurements, the necessary accessories such as a tag, alarm, sticker should be attached properly during the individual packing process. When the packaging is completed, the garments are placed in the cartoon according to the Buyer's specifications and are ready for final inspection before being dispatched.

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