What is Woven Fabric? What are the Types of Woven fabric?

Definition of Woven Fabric

Woven fabric is type of fabric which are made by the process of weaving. Here two or more sets of yarn are interlaced at right angle to each other. Generally woven fabric are created on loom. 

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Types of Woven Fabric

There are many types of woven fabric we used in our daily life. In the today’s article we will learn the name of different types of woven fabric.
(1). Aertex Fabric
(2). Aida cloth Fabric
(3). Buckram Fabric
(4). Cambric Fabric
(5). Casement Fabric
(6). Cheese Cloth
(7). Chiffon Fabric
(8). Chintz Fabric
(9). Corduroy Fabric
(10). Crepe Fabric
(11). Denim Fabric
(12). Drill Fabric
(13). Flannel Fabric
(14). Gabardine Fabric
(15). Georgette Fabric

(16). Kashmir Silk Fabric
(17). Khadi Fabric
(18). Lawn Fabric
(19). Leno Fabric
(20). Madras Muslin Net Fabric
(21). Mousseline Fabric
(22). Mulmul Fabric
(23). Muslin Fabric
(24). Organdie Organza Fabric
(25). Poplin Fabric
(26). Sheeting Fabric
(27). Taffeta Fabric
(28). Tissue Fabric
(29). Velvet Fabric

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