What is Pitch Time? What is Pitch Diagram? Why it is used and how to make a Pitch Diagram?

Pitch Time

As a term of Industrial Engineering, Pitch time is nothing but a ratio of entire SAM of garment and total number of operations of that garment. The formula for determining pitch time is-

Pitch Time = SAM of Garment / Total No. of operations

Pitch Diagram

Pitch diagram is nothing but the graphical representation of a specific garment’s SAM and its pitch time. The pitch diagram shows the deviation of operations capacity with the target production.

The picture shows the pitch diagram. Where red line indicates the operation wise capacity and green line shows the target production pieces.

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Uses of Pitch Time and Pitch Diagram
There are many applications of pitch diagram in garments industry. Some of the applications are listed below-
Pitch is used to calculate the machine requirements of each operation.
Pitch time is used for calculating line target
Pitch time is used for line balancing
Pitch diagram shows the deviation between operations and target
Pitch diagram shows bottleneck points visually
Pitch diagram shows the at a glance summary of the line condition

Making Procedure of Pitch Diagram:
To make a pitch diagram, need three pieces of information. They are-
1. List of operations
2. Capacity per hour per operations
3. Line target

In the below figure, for example, all the above information are filled up.

Pitch,Pitch time,pitch diagram,pitch table,dear pitch diagram
Figure-01: Pitch Diagram Information

Now make a horizontal line (X-axis) and write down all of the operations by taking some space (as like figure-02 ). Draw a horizontal line at the last end of the left side and split the line with the same gap of numerical value and make an individual dot for the capacity of each operation. Add each dot. Then make a horizontal line for target production. This is the pith diagram as like figure – 02.
You can make the pitch diagram automatically by Microsoft Excel. 

Pitch,Pitch time,pitch diagram,pitch table,dear pitch diagram
Figure-02: Pitch Diagram

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