What is Dye in Textile Industry? What are the Selection Procedure of Textile Dyes?

What is Dye?

Dye or dyes are a material which are used to color something. It’s a colored organic mixture used to color plastic, paper, cloth, lather etc. Application of dyes on different substances depend on the nature of material. 

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Dyes can be both natural and synthetic. If main the components of dyes are collected from nature then it’s called natural dyes and if the dyes are made artificially by man then it’s called synthetic dyes.

Synthetic dyes are more popular than natural dyes because of its low cost and availability. On the other hand natural dyes are very expensive and rare.

Selection Procedure of Textile Dyes

Selection procedure of dyes for a particular color to a particular material depends on numerous factors depending on shades. Here I am mentioning some important criteria:
Types of fiber used in fabric
✔ Fabrication, composition and stitch length of fabric
✔ Method of dyeing
✔ Fastness properties
✔ Cost and quality of dyes
✔ Availability of dyes

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