GSM calculation with GSM Cutter | How to Calculate GSM of Fabric?

Gram per square meter, in brief GSM is one of the most important criteria of fabric. Many properties of fabric depends on this GSM. In this article we will know how to measure fabric GSM.

GSM calculation is one type of physical test of fabric. GSM of fabric can be calculated with two ways.

1)  GSM calculation with GSM Cutter
2) GSM calculation without GSM Cutter

Here, we will learn GSM calculation with GSM cutter. To learn GSM calculation without GSM Cutter click here.

GSM calculation with GSM Cutter
Required things to calculate the GMS of fabric with GSM cutter:

a) GSM Cutter
 A device for cutting 1/100 m2 or 100 cm2 fabric of unit weight. This device is used for cutting knitted, woven and non-woven fabric.

b) Sample fabric
Selected fabric  which need to calculate GSM

c) Cutting mat/pad
Fabric is placed on the one special type of mat/pad for cutting fabric uniformly.

d) Balance/Electric balance
Used for taking weight of the sample fabric.

Calculation Procedure
  • Select fabric
  • Put the fabric on the cutting pad
  • Cut 4/5 swatches by GSM cutter
  • Calculate average weight by balance
  • Multiply average weight by 100.
Then you will find the GSM of fabric.

Suppose, we have cut 5 sample swatch of, 1.3gm, 1.1gm, 1.2gm, 1.4gm, 1.2gm and 1.3gm.
Calculate the average weight, 

Multiply average weight by 100

1.22X100 =122

So, fabric GSM is 122

But now a days, in some special electric balance GSM can be calculated directly. Just cut the sample fabric by GSM cutter and put it on electric balance then it will show the GSM of the fabric. In this article we have used the special electric balance.

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