What is Fabric GSM? What Factors affect on GSM of fabric.

Fabric GSM, in brief Gram per Square Meter is one of the most important factor of any kind of fabric. It is the standard metric unit of measuring the weight of the fabric. As an employee of RMG sector everybody should know about the fabric GSM.
Simply GMS is the weight of 1m2 fabric in gram. It is one of the most important selection criteria of fabric.

Shortly, GSM is written as gm/m2
Sometimes, Oz/y2 (Ounce per square yard) also written.
Fabric GSM, Calculate Fabric GSM
Factor affecting GSM of fabric
  • GSM of fabric tells about density of fabric
  • GSM is proportional to density of fabric
  • GSM is inversely proportional to stitch length of fabric
  • Higher GSM fabric is heavier than low GSM fabric of same area.
  • Higher GSM fabric need more yarn & higher cost
  • Production of higher GSM fabric is slower than lower GSM fabric.
  • GSM gives idea of required process of fabric uses
  • Lower GSM fabric uses for general & comfort purpose
  • Higher GSM fabric uses for especially protection purpose (excess cold or hot, dust etc.)

In general lower GSM fabric uses as garments body fabric, on the other side higher GSM fabric uses as cuff, collar, neck tape, shoulder etc.

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