GSM Calculation Without GSM Cutter | How To Calculate GSM Of Fabric?

Gram per square meter, in brief GSM is one of the most important criteria of fabric. Many properties of fabric depends on this GSM. In this article we will know that how to measure fabric GSM.
GSM calculation is one type of physical test of fabric. GSM of fabric can be calculated with two ways.

1) GSM calculation with GSM Cutter 
2) GSM calculation without GSM Cutter

Here, we will learn GSM calculation without GSM cutter. To learn GSM calculation with GSM Cutter click here.

Figure: Required Materials
Required Materials:
1. Sample Fabric.
2. A pen or Pencil to mark the cutting area.
3. A measurement scale to mark required cutting area.
4. A scissors to cut the fabric.

Working Procedure:
 Following steps should be followed for the calculation of GMS without GSM cutter.
> Select fabric.
> Mark fabric area (Here, we mark 12X12 cm )
> Cut 12X12 cm 4/5 swatches by scissor.
> Calculate average weight of sample fabric by balance.
> Calculate the sample fabric area.
Now, put the values in the following formula

Date Analysis:
Sample Fabric area = 12cmX12cm = 144cm2
Suppose, we have cut 4 sample fabric of 3.33gm, 3.26gm, 3.16gm and 3.32gm.
Calculating the average,
= [(3.33+3.26+3.16+3.32)/4]gm
= [13.07/4]gm
= 3.26gm
So, Average Weight of Sample Fabric = 3.26gm

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