Flow Diagram of Work Study in Garments Industry

Work Study

In garments industry, Work Study is a very important section/department. Work Study officers do the all related task of work study.  We know that work study is very systemic examination of the procedure/method of carrying activities so as to develop and improve the efficient and effective use of resources and can set up the standards for the activities.

Work Study Flow Diagram,IE,Line Balancing

In this discussion we will learn about the flow diagram of Work Study Section/Department/Officers.

Flow Diagram of Work Study In Garment Industry 

Collecting Garments Sample

Understanding of Process of Garment

Making Operation Bulletin (OB)

Preparing Machine Layout Following OB

Setting Sewing Line Following Machine Layout

Line Target Setup

Monitoring Line

Time study and Line Balancing

Find Out Bottleneck Operation & Improve

New Line Target Setup After Balancing

Making Report (Target Vs Production, Efficiency, NPT etc.)

                                Submitting Report to Upper Management 

Work Study,IE,PLANNING,Line Balancing,Operation Bulletin
Figure: Garment Work Study flow Diagram

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