What is Garment Pressing? Purpose of Pressing in Garments Finishing

Garment Pressing
Pressing is known as garments ironing. Steam ironing is done in garments bulk finishing.
When undesired creases and wrinkles are eliminated from clothing, as well as the appearance of the garments is enhanced, this is referred to as pressing, which is a phrase used to describe the process of pressing.

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Purpose of Garment Pressing
The primary goal of pressing is to improve the overall appearance of the garments on the outside. However, the objects of pressing are far broader in scope:

Unwanted creases as well as wrinkles removing

Many clothing defects and faults can be hidden by pressing tin, including every bit of puckered seam and neps.
Pressing, which is also known as shaping, is used to mark darts to a higher extent than is visually appealing.
To give more smoother effects on garments, ironing is done
To compress the garments so that it take a very small area

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